We are the company that offers a wide variety of all cleaning and ironing related services. Below you can see the full list of all our cleaning and ironing services that are availabe for our Clients. We provide both domestic and commercial cleaning and ironing services.

House cleaning services

We are the leading house cleaning services company that encompasses both personal, domestic cleaning services for homes, houses, flats, estates, mansions, but also commercial buildings such as offices, post offices, drugstores, greengrocers, smaller and larger shops, supermarkets and other premises. Our house cleaning services East Molesey include both tapestry cleaning, upholstery cleaning and drying (including cushions, bedspreads, bedsheets, pillows, etc.), ironing services for all sorts of fabrics, emptying the dustbins, wiping the floors, the subsequent waxing and polishing og wooden floors and tiled floors, as well as floors made from artificial fabrics. We deal with kitchen cleaning, bathroom tiles and washbasins cleaning, living-room rugs and carpets ceaning and drying, ironing services, etc. House cleaning services East Molesey also provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services such as cleaning of floors, wxing, polishing, dusting the wooden furniture and some smaller wooden supplies nad interior elements, checking and cleanng air-condition filters and systems, electrical and lighting systems and also washing windows from both inside and outside.

Ironing services

Ironing services are one of our main responsibilities that we had in mind while establishing our East Molesey ironing services. We deal with a professional, complex and comprehensive ironing services for both domestic and commercial purposes. We offer our clients only the best and the fastest and, at the same time, most professional ironing of all sorts of clothes. We use only the newest and fabric-safe devices that will make your clothes look like they have just been bought. We collect the relevant clothing from our Customers and we return them during the next day. We do not want any extra charges from you for the pickup of the load. Our ironing services are always willing to provide any necessary technical support for those who need so. The company uses only the best possible cleaning means and techniques such as steam and water cleaning, etc. We are available for both domestc services and also for commercial ones such as ironing for a particular social and celebrity events.

End of tenancy cleaning

Whenever you need to perform a full range of end of tenancy cleaning right before another tentant moves in, it is better for you to call for end of tenancy cleaning who are especially qualified in providing all relevant and complex all-inclusive general cleaning services for your flat. It is possible to hire a regular cleaning services after each tenant moves out and before new one moves in, but alsowhenever you want to sell your old house, or flat and leave your place shiny clean and fresh. We perform to you any possible cleaning services such as window cleaning, ironing, carpet, rug and upholstery washing and drying, ironing, emptying the dustbins, oven cleaning, kitchen cleaning, living-room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dusting of all wooden, plastc and metal objects, polishing of all shiny and chrome elements, checking and cleaning of all lighting, electronic and air-conditioning systems, etc. We provide only the best possible and attractive prices, which makes end of tenancy cleaning one of the best and most attractive cleaning companies.

Spring cleaning services

Our spring cleaning services are the leading company that deals with the spring cleaning services for both personal, domestic cleaning services, but also commercial buildings such as post offices, drugstores, greengrocers, larger shops, supermarkets and other buildings. Our spring cleaning services include both upholstery cleaning and drying (including bedspreads, pillows, etc.), ironing services for all sorts of fabrics, throwing out the garbage, window cleaning, waxing and polishing og wooden floors and other floors, as well as ceramic floors. The Clients can expect the complex and comprehensive spring cleaning services including kitchen cleaning, living-room rugs and carpets ceaning, ironing services, etc. We also provide a wide array of office cleaning services including checking and cleaning of all electric, air-conditioning and lighting systems, waxing, mopping and dusting of all wooden, metal and other interior items. We also provide additional discounts for both regular and new clients. Our prices are one of the most attractive ones.

One off cleaning services

As an experienced cleaning company, one off cleaning services deal with both regular maintenance and one off cleaning works. We provide various schedules and offers suitable for each Client because each person is different and desire separate services and works to be performed. For those who are interested in one off cleaning services we provide special and professional cleaning in a speeded up fashion. Nevertheless, all the services that are encapsulated under the one off cleaning services include all the basic and also additional clearing and ironing services such as washing up the dishes, clearing the cellars, basements and flat spaces, wiping floors (ceramic, wooden, etc.), emptying the dustbins, polishing chrome and metal items, dusting, window cleaning, tapestry and upholstery cleaning.

After builders cleaning

We provide all the relevant services that need to be performed whenever the building of a particular room, or house, supermarket, drugstore, shop and other premises is finished. After business cleaning offer our Clients all the dusting, cleaning and emptying services. Our firm offers you the best possible methods and devices for removing the building materials remains and also the best possible staff of employees who are always willing to give our clients the relevant technical support. Our after builders cleaning services are cheap, professional and done by an experienced group of MG Cleaning & Ironing Services workers that are always ready to perform even the most difficult and unusual cleaning services commissioned to us. Our Customers can find numerous discounts and various additional cleaning services on our offer.

Office cleaning services

Our company services are one of the most exclusive, professional and money-saving solutions when it comes to commercial cleaning services. Office cleaning services deal mainly with commercial and ofice cleaning works such as checking and cleaning the lighting, electric and air-conditioning systems, checking of alarm-systems, dusting and polishing of all wooden and metal interior items, carpets and rugs washing and drying, etc. We also provide window cleaning from inside and outside including all the wooden and plastic sashes. All the floors are always thoroughfully cleaned, wiped, eaxed and subsequently steamed for the better protection. All the office works can be performed in an one off fashion or you can search for week-time cleaning services, or even month-time cleaning each day. Office cleaning services also offer you the best possible prices and the collective of highly educated, professional and hard-working office cleaners who are ready to perform each cleaning duty our Customers commission to us.

Window cleaning services only inside

Window cleaning services are one of our main duties that we perform in our Our company. Our offer includes window cleaning from both inside, in both offices, drugstores, apartments, churches, factories and other commercial premises and buildings. The shape and the window construction make no difference for us. Window cleaning services clean both sash windows, double glazed windows, attic windows, stained-glass windows, or any other that require the proper cleaning service. Window cleaning services has been on the cleaning market for quite a long time now and, as a result, it is highly experienced and professional company. It is also a great choice for all our Clients as our prices are both attractive and affordable for anyone. At the same time, our staff of workers possess a comprehensive knowledge of window cleaning services including the right cleaning means, methods, etc. We only use the newest and up-to-date machines.

Oven cleaning

Cleaning your own oven, grill, or microwave can be a nightmare, so would not it be nice to get someone else to do it for you. Our oven cleaning services are professional, cheap and also take little time to clean even the dirtiest oven grills. Our professional cleaners will use the newest and the most effective washing and polishing detergents that will remove all the stains, spots and leftovers that are present on the metal oven bars. Our oven cleaning services ara available for both domestic cases and also for the commercial ones such as restaurants, hotel bars and lounges. Our employees are experienced and well organised so there is no need to worry about any undone or not properly done works. We offer you oven cleaning for all sorts of household supplies, both newer and older ones. We make initial waxing, washing and the subsequent polishing of chrome and metal elements of all ovens regardless of their brand and specifications.

Sofa cleaning

Sofas are one of the most important leisure-time pieces of furniture that every respectable house- or flat-owner should have. It is sometimes necessary, however, to give your sofa some washing and refreshing cleaning works in order it looked more cosy, and feel more soft and comfortable. Our sofa cleaning services provide a renown and professional care for all the sofa items such as wooden or metal elements, fillings, etc. The cushions and upholstery are both treated only with user- and fabric-friendly means, cleaners and other detergents. Sofa cleaning services use only the newest and the most effective equipment and methods of renewing the stained and dusted sofas into completely new and fresh smelling and looking pieces of luxury furniture. Sofa cleaning provide also an experienced group of professional sofa cleaners and also some discounts available for our every-day Clients as well as the new Customers who are interested in working with us and making use of our services. Our prices are cheap and attractive. We offer one time cleaning services and also week-time or month-time cleanings. Our works are always quick and professionally done.

Carpet cleaning services

Our carpet cleaning services offer professional carpet cleaning services for both domestic and commercial purposes. We deal with all the relevant stages of turning dusty and stained carpets and rugs into a completely new-looking and shiny clean pieces of floor finishes. All the carpet upholstery in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, etc., are first vacuumed, then washed using the mixture of detergents and soap with water and then they are cleaned by steaming method. The steam cleaning has become the number one option for carpet and carpet upholstery recently mainly for its effectiveness and relatively short time needed for a complete cleaning. Also, the remaining effects are long-lasting. Our carpet cleaning services steam cleaning is also among the most effective cleaning methods that are both user-friendly and Eco-friendly. We provide our services for both large carpets, other upholstery elements such as cushions, sofa and couch coverings, etc. Our carpet cleaning services provide only the best and the most reliable services for carpet and rug cleaning. All our employees are highly qualified and ready to provide any kind of technical support our Clients are going to need.

Mattress cleaning services

All the Mattress cleaning services offered by our business are performed by using only the product-safety and user-safety and friendly means, detergents and machines. Our company give you the chance to clean all the stains, spots and dusty places of your mattress with the newest and most effective cleaning means. The sanitising methods offered here are all necessary to sterilise of drapes and mattresses. We also do soft furniture cleaning and sanitizing works. Mattress cleaning services offered by us provide a complex and comprehensive killing of all sorts of bed bugs, fungi, or other bacteria and viruses. Mattress cleaning services prices are one of the cheapest and most attractive on the UK market, which makes us an ideal partner to call for whenever you need to clean and sterilise all your mattresses, soft furniture and drapes. Our team of mattress cleaning workers is always ready and willing to help you and provide you with all the relevant technical support in case you need it.

Pressure cleaning

In our pressure cleaning business we always give our best to fulfil the needs that our Clients require from an experienced cleaning and ironing company such as our pressure cleaning. We possess a wide range of pressure cleaning services and devices, which ensures that the cleaning and ironing services provided by us are directed for both personal, domestic purposes such as carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, sofas, chairs and couches pressure cleaning, etc. Pressure cleaning also deal with all sorts of commercial pressure cleaning in offices, etc. All the sectors that may need some professional and complex pressure cleaning services are welcome to call us. At our stock we have only the best and the most up-to-date machinery and devices that simplify the cleanin procedures considerably. Pressure cleaning include eradicating of viruses, maintaining services, etc. We have jet vacuum cleaners ideal for such needs as tank cleaning, driveway cleaning, docks and exteriors cleaning, etc. We provide only the best services and always make sure that our Clients are satisfied with works we do.

Patio cleaning services

We always do our best to offer you the highest level of patio cleaning services. Patio cleaning services firm has been established in order to give our Clients all the best and professional cleaning solutions for their exterior spaces. We use only the newest and most advanced cleaning equipment and products that undoubtedly will make your patio look shiny clean and fresh. For the purposes of patio and driveway cleaning services Patio cleaning services use our best pressure washers and no chemical ingredients. We always care for the safety of your furniture, both interior and exterior as well as for the health of our Customers. Whenever it is the case that you need to remove dirt, moss, or other stains and weeds from your patio, our cleaning services are the best way of giving you exactly what you want and need. All our prices are meant to be Customer-directed in that they are always as cheap as possible and also attractive and affordable for anyone. Patio cleaning services offered here are done by our specialised staff of experienced and hard-working employees.

Gardening services

Our gardening services are directed for both those people who are interested in a one off cleaning visit or want their garden to be cleaned and maintained for a longer period of time. Our gardening services makes use of the best eqipment and machinery so it is possible for us to help to clean even the most overgrown gardens. It is important to note that ony the regular maintanance services will make your garden look clean and be free from any unwanted weeds and other moss. Our services include mowing, trimming, removing all the weeds and moss. Moreover, we can also support you with all the necessary trees, plants, gardening devices and products for cleaning. Our compulsory and comprehensive methods of keeping gardens and lawns in an excellent condition make us a good and valuable partner as far as the gardening services are concerned. Gardening services do not reduce our works to domestic purposes only – we provide also commercial city parks and other green areas with a complex and professional maintenance. Our services are always characterised by high quality and professionality, all those elements resulting from the work of our experienced and hard-working team of garden cleaners.

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